First love Always hurts you

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when i was 14 i fell in love with this guy from church. at first we were best friends. he was older than me too. he was 21. we were so close to each other. then one day he told me he wanted to talk to me privateli in church. i was like okay. i thought he was going to tell me something that happened to him or something else, but i never expected that he was going to ask me out. well he asked me out. i told him i was going to think about it.i thought about it for like 2 weeks. i didnt know what to do. i didnt want to lose his friendship and i knew if i said no, things were going to change in between us. i also wanted him only like a best friend. well on christmas eve of 2005 i decided to tell him yes. we went out for like only a month. i fell so deeply in love with him over that month. we would talk everyday on the fone but then one day my mom saw the way i was actin. i was actin different. i was like crazy for him. she decided to tell him that we couldnt talk on the fone animor just in church. he got really mad and ever since that didnt talk to me anymore. it realli hurted me. he gave up on me. everyday i would try to talk to him at church but he would neglect me. it hurted me so much. i was broken. thats when i started trying  kill myself. i know i was stupid. but common i was 14 and he was the first guy i actully fell in love first. well it wasnt real love i guess, it was puppy love. he doest know how much it hurted me that he did that to me. right now im 17 and his 25 and marry and having a kid. i feel happy for him. it hurts me of what he did but i dont hate him animor. we kinda talk sometimes but i tend no to talk to him much. im also glad that i didnt end up with him. he was those guys that thought they were better than girls. we still see each other in church and he saids he wants me in his band. since he sings really nice and he wants me to play the bass guitar. i dont realli want to be on it. its beter to keep distance in between us. his wife does not like me at all.

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