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Still single? How come I don’t get a date when all my friends are in relationship and well I am not gay so why am not I in relationship with a girl. Can’t stand with a label saying that am looking for a woman to date or do I feel easy asking a friend to hook me up so what to do. Well frankly being single is no crime. Simply put you just haven’t found the one yet to spend your nights with or eventually spend your whole life with so here the first thing… put looking for a woman to date as your status on facebook…lol… just kidding though on  a side note, it might work so worth a try.

So how to find a date in the world around you? Well looking for a woman to date isn’t hard if you are paying attention to every detail around you. And the thing is it’s not just pubs or cafes where you are likely to find one. Broaden you horizon dudes and step out in the world as it’s literally everywhere, your opportunities to ask a girl out. Parks, banks even libraries are loaded with females that might just be the one for you. After all you two are there too often and at same times aren’t you so you should have an idea about each other’s interest.

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Woman to Date

Then there are some activities in which if you find a woman are green lights enough to give it a try. A girl twirling her drinks content or reading a novel or listening to songs while on subway are all safe zones where one can push their luck. Looking for a woman to date really becomes easy in such occasions. All you have to do is intervene in a way that shows politeness, interest and most importantly your suggestions to her are all your hopes to get hooked with her.

Many of the times all these attempts seem unfruitful but the thing is to keep your patience and never give up. I for one take it as one when am single to be looking out for women to date. It’s so fun asking about each other interests and whether it works out or not you at least had good time and gave it a shot. It’s not always about achieving something but about trying and finding out that yes that if not good for you than at least you didn’t fall for bad thing so never hold back, never get tired and one day you won’t be having the single status.

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