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amazing love wallpapers its the best choice for lover’s in which love wallpapers show in amazing styles. [Show as slideshow] ... 

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Till you Love Me

The sunlight, the moonlight, Are beyond my control. And there are stars in the heaven, That I’ll never hold. But if dreams give you power Then I’m strong enough To offer my heart and never give up Til you love me Til you love me  Read More →

On Valentine’s Day

Wherever I may go; Whatever I do; On Valentine’s Day I’d like to say I love u & I care for u More than you do.  Read More →

Think of Me

My eyes says that u want 2 say something 2 me, My mind says that u think of me, My heart says that u like me, I know you feel something about me … But How come till now you still Quite!!.  Read More →

Love Stories

The Story of Me Perfect Memories

The story of me is no different than what you hear about in everyday life. I was stupid, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have been angry and how do I get her back? Too many things happen around and the point is its not always you are totally at fault you know.... 

Making love stories That Make You Cry

It’s easy to talk and yet on many occasions hard to act my friends. Yes many of us got big mouths. For them making love stories are toy they can play around but without doubt they are a bunch of insensitive douche bags. One cannot joke around with making... 

Love poetry

I Have No Regrets

I have no regrets. I will never regret loving someone because the feeling of love for five minutes is greater than an eternity of hurt.  Read More →

When you feel cold and warm at the same time

When you feel cold and warm at the same time, when you read over the same line for the tenth time, when your heart and thoughts somehow appear to rhyme, and when a simple name conquers your whole mind, then you are in deep trouble my friend… you are in what they call, “love”.  Read More →

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Love & Romance Tips

The Women Who Want to Date

I was always told by a friend that whenever it comes to talking with women, keep your eyes and ears peeled and open because you never know there are women who want to date and well there are obvious signs which one needs to pick. Of course one needs to be single first himself unless he opts to cheer…lol…just kidding… well women who want to date are... 

How do You Talk to Women

Cat got your tongue or you just aren’t too sure what to say when you confront her. Purely state of confusion when it comes to how do you talks to women and after her initial reply what to throw next. I personally made a total fool of myself on my first try, blurted out “hey I am frankly” a nick which my friends call me with and what followed wasn’t... 

Love Lyrics

How Did I Fall in Love With You

Remeber when, we never needed each other The best of friends like Sister and Brother We understood, we’d never be, Alone Those days are gone, and I want so much The night islong and I need your touch Don’t know what to say I never meant to feel this way Don’t... 

Heaven In Your Eyes Lyrics

Open up Your heart to me And say what’s on your mind I know that we have been thorough so much pain But I still need you in my life, this time Chorus And I need you tonight I need you right now And I know deep within my heart It dosen’t matter if it’s wrong... 

Love Quotes

A WiSe and PerFect sayinG On LOvE. .

A WiSe and PerFect sayinG On LOvE. . . . .

Never get to attached to anyone unless

they also feel the same towards you,

coz one-sided expectations kills u from inside

Never Expect Anything In Return

People say
‘Never expect anything in return from anyone’.

But the truth is

When we really love someone, we naturally expect a little care from them…!!!!

Trouble is part of your life

Trouble is part of your life — if you don’t share it, you don’t give the person who loves you a chance to love you enough.

Love Fun

A man wanted to call the hospital

A man wanted to call the hospital to ask about his pregnant wife, but he mistakenly called the cricket stadium. He asked ‘How is the situation?’ He was shocked and nearly died when he heard the reply! They said Its fine 3 are out already We... 

Tension: when wife is pregnant!

Tension: when wife is pregnant! Terror: When girlfriend is pregnant! Horror: When both r pregnant! Tragedy: When U r Not responsible 4 both  Read More →